To any untrained person, the walking canes may just be the basic purchase. But to the ones who really know that the canes can serve a lot of other purposes, choosing the right style really matters. Various factors go behind designing of the walking canes and the modern technology has indeed provided wonderful makeover to these canes. The top-most styles of the walking canes that can be found in the market these days are described here:

Tracks Lite Staff Walking Canes

These kinds of walking canes are absolutely light in weight and so they can be carried along anywhere. They provide you rubber foot, wrist loop as well as foam grip.

Tracks Sherlock Staff Adjustable Length Walking Canes

This special kind of cane comes in two different sections. It can be unscrewed and also comes with a camera that is mounted on the handle. These kinds of walking canes can be adjusted till the height of 57 inches.

Tracks Compact Travel Staff Walking Canes

This is again a special kind of cane which comes with a button that can enable adjustment of the height of stick. It can collapse down and is also very compact.

Leki Wanderfreund Walking Staff Walking Canes

This comes with special cane-like handle and wrist strap which can be adjusted. The shaft of this stick can also be adjusted at around 51 inches. It is very easy to assemble and pack.

Leki Sierra Anti-Shock Travel Staff Walking Canes

This is a very high-tech kind-of cane that has a hidden camera under the wooden knob. For the camping and hiking purposes, this can be the most suitable kind of walking cane.

Ms. Stick Custom Walking Canes

This is a customizable walking cane where you can customize it using the pictures or the symbols which represent your journeys or you.

Brazos Walking Canes

These kinds of walking canes are purely hand-made and can be available in different kinds of styles such as colored, exotic, free-form and traditional.

Whistle-Creek Walking Canes

These are the special kinds of wooden walking canes especially for hiking. There are 30+ different styles as well as varieties in this kind of cane. It can be made from special kind of woods such as dogwood, cedar, hickory or pine.

When you go to the market, you can find all such kinds of walking canes. It is important to tell about your purpose to the shopkeeper so that he can show you the most suitable cane for your purpose.