Pool workouts are great workouts for people of all ages. They exercise a wide range of muscles, they aren’t hard on your joints, and they’re a great workout that burn quite a few calories. We’ll take you through 9 great pool workouts and how to do them.

Water Lunges

These are a good for getting warmed up while in the pool. Bring your right leg forward and your left arm up and go as low as you can without putting your head below the water, and then bounce up and switch arms and legs. Again, it’s just a warm up exercise, so don’t go too crazy right from the start.


Just like a jumping jack, start with your legs in, and bring them both out to the sides while jumping. Keep your arms at the surface and don’t bring them out of the water. They’re just there for support during this exercise. We’re still warming up, but try and add some height if you’re feeling like you’re ready to go.

Frog Leaps

Keep your legs together and then jump up, bringing your knees up as close to your chest as possible. Keep your chest up and look forward. Focus on using your abdominal muscles to bring your knees up to your chest.

Gymnastic Jumps

Keep your legs together, and then jump straight up with your arms out for balance and extend your legs out to the sides. When coming back down, bring your legs back together to their original position. When landing, make sure you bend your legs and don’t come crashing down!

V Kicks

Start with one leg extended and slightly out to the side, jump up and kick the other leg out to the side at an equal height and angle. Both of your arms will swing to the leg that lifts out. The harder you swing your arms from side to side, the more you have to work your core muscles.

Butt Kicks

Keep your knees slightly bent, jump and kick up your heels behind you without lifting up your knees. Keeping your knees down is the tricky part, but this exercise is great for strenthening muscles surrounding your knees.

Front Kick

Extend one leg straight forward, and then extend the opposite arm forward, and then jump and change by bringing your opposite leg up and your opposite arm up. Work to keep each leg straight when you extend them, and swing with powerful straight arm movements. To make it more challenging, go faster and work to maintain your balance.

Football Kicks

Balance on your right leg, and then jump up while swinging your left leg forward and then back again. Don’t let your left leg touch the floor. While doing that, swing your arms forward like you’re walking. The harder you swing your arms, the easier your leg will be able to swing. Switch and repeat with bouncing on your left and swinging your right.

Frog Hop Spins

This one is somewhat similar to frog jumps, with a bit of twist! Keep one knee up, and then jump up to bring the other leg to the same position don’t switch legs. Next raise both arms above your head and rotate clockwise. When you make a full circle, stop and go counter clockwise. Repeat that sequence while bouncing on the opposite foot.

Even though you’re in water, you still have the potential to injure yourself, especially if your body isn’t warmed up yet. The water can quickly chill your body and tighten up muscles, so make sure you’re feeling warmed up and ready to go before going through the more intense sections of this workout. For more information on pool activities and things to do in a pool, Swimtown Pool Supplies has a great list.Visit their websiteand find out other pool activities for all ages.